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Deciding to revamp your home’s landscaping design and facade can be a big decision. In short, it’s a decision you can’t trust to just anyone. After all, your home is your foundation. Simply put, you need a company that not only values the structure, but also the people inside it. Pappas Landscaping and Construction Company was founded in 1986 on this very principle. Since then, we’ve spent the last 30-some years proving this by offering the highest level of service and workmanship around. Meeting the needs of both homeowners and commercial customers, we provide unique landscaping with our wide array of services. For example, these services range from simple maintenance and renewal to full-scale curb appeal and structural overhaul. At Pappas Landcare and Construction, it is our guarantee to leave no detail untouched. And, of course, we promise to leave no idea out of the realm of possibility. Lastly, we look forward to the opportunity to exceed your expectations.
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Greg's Short Story

I have been running my business for 35 years. When, not if, I win the lottery, I would turn my business over to two of my key employees. I would still be a part of the day-to-day operations to operations to continue growing the business.

I decided to resign form my full-time teaching position in the Allentown School District. I had started my business while I was a teacher, doing it nights and weekends. Starting my business full time had been bittersweet, full of many highs and lows and enormous challenges.

There are no “secrets” or “tricks” to a successful business. When you combine endless years of relentless hard work, with an enormous amount of luck and good fortune. There may be moderate success.

Now for the “secrets” and “tricks”, if you believe in such things, surround yourself with a management team that is smarter than yourself, to compliment and respect your management style is a good start. Teach your team by giving them knowledge and also be available to learn from them.

About 19 years ago Wawa came along into our business. The company wanted a well-rounded family-owned business to get on board for their lawn maintenance and snow removal. Now this is where luck comes into play because they called me twice about working with them and it was the best investment this company could have had.

In the beginning, middle and at the end of the day, it takes hard work and luck to be successful. When combine relentless hard work with and enormous amount of good luck and the good fortune to have the best management team and dedicated employees, this may equal success.

2020 had been a very challenging year for my company. We have made many adjustments, changes, and alterations to help sustain our new business model. Safety is our first concern, both for our clients and employees.

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Greg Pappas

CEO, Owner
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Nick Pappas

Assistant Manager
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Construction Manager
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Jon Nikisher

Hardscape Specialist
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Richard Whittington

Manager (Field + Operations)
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Glenn Giannotti

Landscape + Top Coatz Specialist
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Stephen Steigerwalt

Water Feature/Restoration Specialist
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Deanna Jacoby-Manogue

Office Manager
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Brian Bird

Field Technician
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Matt Rivera